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The co-founders of BINIC GROUP, worked in the magnet field since 1995.  And in 2003 started his own magnet business, BINIC MAGNET. Because of the great experience and excellent technology knowledge, BINIC MAGNET grown fast, and in 2011, the overturn is around 9.8million USD.

Our determination is to be the most professional producer for magnetic material in China. Now our products has covered NdFeB, AlNiCo, Smco, Ferrite, flexible magnet and magnetic accessories.

Initially in Shanghai we produce NdFeB product. In 2005, considering the cost and material issue, we move the production from Shanghai to Dongyang city. The Shanghai workshop is now the warehouse and logistics center.

From 2007 we start to develop some magnetic assembly parts, which enlarge our product range to magnetic pot, lifter and some other parts and machinery.In 2008, BINIC magnet construct partnership with Hangzhou Tri-Magnet Co.,ltd, which produce SmCo and Alnico product. It greatly enlarge BINIC product Range

Now our customer is over Europe, South America, Russia,….

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